Speed Climbing Techniques: The Reza

Speed Climbing Techniques: The Reza

The 2016 World Cup Season is almost at its end, Boldyrev’s World Record is still unbeaten after 2 years and nobody in that season seems to be at his 2014 level.

Reza presents at the 2016 WC in Wujiang “the Reza”, a brand new technique, trying to find a solution to this record that seems impossible to beat.

Like Vaichekowski even Reza chose to skip an hold, exactly the number 4, the one at the start that brings you further away from an ideal linear trajectory.

Classic start vs The Reza - Credits Eddie Fowke

Yes, in those years the Tomoa was still a dream and all the “short” athletes were using the classic start for the first section of the route. If you haven’t read the article about The Classic Start you can find it here!

So he starts like the Classic Start but then he just goes directly to the hold number 5 and 6 with a quite big stretch obtaining a much linear trajectory instead of the classic start. (see the photo)

Trajectory of the classic start vs the Reza

At the second WC of the 2017 he made history by beating the old record and signing a record that will remain unbeaten for the next 4 years.

“The Reza” has been a big innovation that had given the space to Tomoa to re-interpretate this skip by cutting even the 3rd foot hold, so as always, we want to say a huge thank you to him and his passion toward this sport.

Thank you Reza, and thank you of course, Speed Climbing World readers to continue to support us!

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