Speed climbing shoes, could they be developed further?

Are the "speed climbing shoes" really designed to be the best speed climbing shes, or are they just some normal climbing shoes?

Speed climbing shoes, could they be developed further?

La Sportiva 4.99 or Cobra, Unparallel UP Duel, Evolv Defy, are they just general climbing shoes or are they designed to be really the best speed climbing shoes?
The question is legit and we can see on other sports how the technologies have advanced and how the climbing shoes are always remained similar throughout the years.

We’ve seen it with the Nikes Alphaflys that has setted records on records in the marathons, so technologically advanced that were banned from the Tokyo Olympics with their 3 carbon plates and a cutting-edge midsole.
We’ve seen it with the Speedo’s LZR Racer swimsuit that set 23 out of 25 swimming records in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and than banned in 2009 by the FINA.

And climbing? Simply climbing has continued it’s development around the “classic” thoughts without trying to think outside the box, and as today, we continue to see basic technologies throughout all the market of climbing shoes.
So, will we ever see an advancement in climbing shoes technologies? Maybe with some carbon insoles, or a mid sole instead of a simple layer of rubber placed between the holds and the athlete foot.

What are your thoughts about that, and do you think a climbing shoe manufacturer will ever come out with some innovative ideas?

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