4 Tips to Learn a New Technique

4 Tips to Learn a New Technique

With this new article we want to define what the gap is and how big it is between the knowledge about a technique and the implications behind it’s execution and optimization.

Everyone knows many techniques, the sequence of the holds that has to be taken, the dynamics of the movement and where to find videos of athletes doing it to study even better the technique, but than what?

Than we have to make it!

And from this point on, thousands of supplementary questions come to our mind when our technique is not exactly the same as the PROs.

So what should we do to make that gap thinner and thinner?

  1. Create a baseline - starting to practice a new technique gives us the opportunity to experiment it, once we have tried it for one or more sessions we can know what is our baseline for that specific technique and we can go to the second step.
  2. Finding the balance - analyzing the videos we have to understand where is our centre of gravity in relationship with the dynamics of the movement, do we arrive too right or too left, are we too high or too low, is our speed too high or too low? By analyzing these detail we can understand better how to manage our body to come closer to a more efficient sequence of movements.
  3. Creating personalized inputs (bottom up) - once we understood the situation, we can start to create inputs to correct the trajectory and make our movement as efficient as possible, unfortunately not every input is understood the same by the athletes and many times it's a cooperation work between the coach and the athlete to create the best input possible. It is important to start always bottom up because if the new movement is 5 holds long we risk to correct back and forth the movement due to the disordered input creation.
  4. Repeat - create a new baseline once you’re satisfied with the inputs, and repeat the process, starting from big and bold errors the first time you make this process, proceeding with the little details once you’ve made this process many times.

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